Tuesday, December 2, 2014

South Africa's Greatest Jokes

South Africa's Greatest Jokes Books (Coming soon)


How many times have you wondered about having a book that contains all South Africa's Greatest Jokes in book form that can be kept as a collectible?

Well (tic), we are in the process of finalising the formatting and printing of two books that will outclass and surpass the sheer number of jokes that anyone has published in South Africa.

The book called "Under the Belt" (sagreatestjokes.com/under-the-belt ) is a collection of some 177131 words describing 1336 jokes of which English represents 1167 and Afrikaans 169 on 402 pages that took 30 years to gather (1984 to 2014)

The second book "for All Ages" (sagreatestjokes.com/all-ages ) lists some 1470 jokes of which 1215 are in English and around 255 in Afrikaans on 402 pages.

Lists of the best jokes were stored on floppy's, stiffies, hard drives, memory sticks and on paper before being dug up, arranged and now being published.

south africa's greatest jokes for all ages
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